Revenue up to 100% per month

MMM – official Registration site of Sergey Mavrodi’s global mutual aid society.

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Welcome to the MMM site! On this site you will discover everything you need to know about the unique system of mutual assistance developed by the financial genius of our time – Sergey Mavrodi. This system is based on mutual aid, trust, understanding and honesty. Anyone can invest in MMM, earning the income needed for a decent life.

Millions of people have invested their funds in this system and received the rewards they were promised. In the Payments section you can find more information about paying in funds and making transfers and there are some videos made by participants in the scheme. It is a very easy system, so why not join now and get started?

How it works.

You may well aleady know what a financial pyramid is. But MMM goes much further – it’s not just about the money, it is a protest against the existing system! The existing system is dominated by financial magnates and the impossibility for an ordinary man or woman to earn decent money in an honest way. To understand the essence of MMM, visit the “How MMM works” section, where you will find proof that what we say is true. MMM is a community of people who are tired of depending on the whims of employers and tired of insecurity. We are people who are changing the world, united!

The following video explains the basic structure of the MMM mutual benefit fund:

How you earn income.

The MMM system offers a unique earning opportunity: 20-100% interest per month is accrued on every Bitcoin invested! The minimum deposit amount is equivalent to $10. In the Income section, you can read the rules relating to earnings and the principles of interest accrual. Why not check it out now?

In addition, all new MMM participants get a free bonus of $20-$100, and you can do whatever you want with it!

Who runs this site?

This is an official site of the MMM community. We are a partner of the MMM project. Our leaders have lots of experience and so can explain the system and answer all of your questions. If you visit the Rules of MMM tab, you will be able to form clearer opinions on the possibilities and requirements involved.

Sergei Mavrodi: A popular genius.

Sergei Mavrodi not only helps people make money but also to help each other, to be part of a community. He has written books which have been made into films: here you can watch the great movie, “PyraMMMid” based on one of his novels. The protagonist of this film reflects the essence of Sergei Mavrodi’s activity in Russia 20 years ago.

The MMM mutual benefit society offers you the chance to become financially independent, to make new acquaintances and to become a part of something big. It’s about bringing people together and supporting one another.

You might even want to do more than just be an ordinary member. If you become a leader, you can get a percentage of the deposits of people involved by you in the project. You can find more information about this in the How to become a Guider section – it describes how to do it and what rewards you get.

Together we can do so much!

Have you decided to participate in the system? Go to Registration, fill out the form and go to the personal cabinet where you will be able to make transactions.

If any questions, please email us to: